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Making your journey easier 
propels us further

We're taking steps big and small to bring you solutions that put you in control – from an app that keeps you on-the-go easier, to creating innovative FordHubs that take mobility to a whole new place – with FordGuides to help you every step of the way.

Watch our short animation here to experience a day in the life of FordPass.




FordPass members get great perks

The more you use FordPass, the more you'll be recognised. Earn badges as you complete activities within the app, and unlock Perks to recieve special gifts.

Innovation for all

The FordPassTM App is a one-stop mobility app designed to help you move through your day the way you already do – only smarter, better and easier than ever before.*

You have needs throughout your journey FordGuides have solutions  

The FordPassTM app is your key to our friendly and knowledgeable team of FordPass experts. FordGuides are happy to help you with any FordPass needs or questions you may have.

Building a smarter place

Imagination becomes reality at FordHub – a new, state-of-the-art Ford experience centre opened January 2017 in New York City. Learn how Ford can help you move more easily today, and is shaping the way the world moves in the future.

Download the app

Click Here to dowload FordPass for iOS devices or Click here to download FordPass for Android devices.