Rewards Scheme at Thornbury Motors

Who is the scheme for?

Any local club or community based group

What is the scheme?

The scheme is designed as a way for Thornbury Motors to provide sustainable financial support to local clubs and community based organisations.

How does the scheme work?

Clubs encourage their members to join the Scheme and they are issued with their own, unique loyalty smart card, bespoke to their chosen club. They then use the card when purchasing fuel at Thornbury Motors and in return, they will earn rewards for the club.

What is the reward worth?

It’s simple: 1 litre fuel purchased = 1p reward

So, for example: if a club as 50 active scheme members, each averaging 10,000 miles per year, each with a car averaging 40mpg, the reward to the club would be £567.50 per year!

Is there a reward limit?

No, there is no limit. In fact, the more active scheme members that a club has and the more they use their loyalty card, then the more reward they earn for their club!

How will the club know how much reward its members have earned?

The participating clubs will receive a quarterly statement detailing the reward earned by its members.

What is the benefit to the club member?

As well as helping the club raise valuable funds, members will also receive some great rewards for themselves from Thornbury Motors, including; free car wash vouchers, discounts on MOT’s, servicing, parts and tyre purchases and many other great rewards.

How much does it cost club members to join the scheme?

Nothing! The loyalty card is provided free of charge to club members.

Can rewards be earned in any other way?

At launch, rewards will only be earned for fuel purchases. However, it is envisaged that once the scheme is established, rewards will also be linked to other types of purchases, throughout the dealership.